Welcome to the new e-Grips.com

Welcome to the new e-Grips.com! We've partnered with routesetters, shapers, photographers, and web developers to create the industry's best hold shopping experience and are proud to finally share it with you. What's new: 

Shop Our Live Inventory

Need some holds for a comp this weekend? No problem. You can now shop our live inventory and get your holds without the 30 day lead time. To see inventory, go to any product page or the Gym Order Form.
(TIP: you can also shop by style, size, grip type, color, and more on our all holds page)


360 Degree Videos

Holds are made to be touched. You can't quite do that on the new website, but we've spent months perfecting the next best thing - 360 degree videos for all 340+ sets.

Video not your thing? We've also created 45 degree, artistic detail, and top down photos to help you experience every surface of every hold.

Shop Your Way

Are you a gym? Home wall owner? Distributor? We've set up a specific shopping experience for each type of customer. Our gym-specific login gets you access to our super simple Gym Order Form, while our home gyms page and filter let home gym owners find the most relevant home wall sets.

Coming Soon...

Every routesetter needs the appropriate tools for the job and we hope that this website is just the tool you're looking for. We'll be adding more detailed posts about these features over the next few weeks. Happy setting!