Meet Scott Ossim, Trango's Newest Shaper

Feel the Flower 🌸- Behind the Shapes

Trango's newest shaper, Scott Ossim, draws inspiration for his new Flower line from years of experience in the climbing industry, working with gyms around the world and helping them to outfit their walls with shapes that keep climbers coming back for more. Scott envisioned a line of shapes that setters could use to create unique "monostylistic" routes, meaning a route set with (almost) entirely one style of holds. These routes tend to have great flow, as they emulate real rock climbing situations where the style of hold is often consistent through the routes. Like climbing on pockets in the Red River Gorge.

Apart from the great movement and flow of monostylistic routes, they tend to catch people's attention from across the room. I love when climbers spot a route as soon as they enter a gym and say, "I want to try THAT one!"

The original concept for the Flower line was to make an entire route that looked like flower petals falling gracefully from the sky. 

The carefully sloping edges on the flower shapes are challenging to grab, yet easy on the finger tendons and unlikely to cause injuries. These holds are excellent for setting large, dynamic moves on moderately overhanging terrain.

 Scott Ossim shaping one of his holds; Five Flower Power holds displayed on a table; Scott Ossim posing behind his entire line of holds.