Pard'ners Size 5 Incuts

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The second largest size in the Pard'ners, the Size 5 Incuts give your climbers plenty of grab surface to play with, whole maintaining a low profile appearance on the wall. Using the same perfectly consistent Pard'ners angles, these large, low profile incuts pair and block perfectly, letting you create generous grabs that are easy to tweak to find the perfect difficulty in movement.

About the Pard'ners

• All Pard'ners have 4 sides and a top and come in one of 2 basic shapes: blocks and incuts

• Blocks are protrusions that stick off the wall with a relatively high z-axis aspect ratio

• Incuts have at least one side that is incut, sometimes as many as 3 sides are incut

• All sides of every Pard'ner hold are inclined at one of 5 standard angles of TILT (0, 15, 30, 45, or 60 degrees from vertical)

• Because TILT is standardized and limited to only 5 possible angles, the holds easily fit together as blockers, stacks, and clusters. Other shapes intended as blockers in the market have up to 10 options for angles and makes it hard to find matches.

• Larger sets (size 6 and size 5 Blocks) are bolt on only and can be used as an anchor point (initial hold) for building clusters

• Due to their relatively high aspect ratio and number of incuts, Pard'ners excel at setting easy and moderate climbs on less than vertical to slightly overhanging terrain. Pard'ners lend themselves well to very difficult climbs on steep overhangs and roofs

Negative Flat Positive Super Positive
Compatible With:
Dry Tool Woodscrew Only Home Wall Tread Wall

Shaper: Ty Foose    Size: 5    Style: Pard'ners    Type: Foothold    Type: Jug   
LengthWidthDepthLongest Side
1x – Socket Head 2"    3x – Socket Head 2.5"    1x – Socket Head 3"    

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