We sponsor all kinds of climbing competitions, from the USA Climbing series to World Cups and other International events. Since we started making grips we have been a part of competitions. In the late 1990’s we began supporting local events in Colorado’s Front Range, from the Tour De Pump to Paradise Rock Gym’s Denver Climbing League, and the classic Boulder Rock Club’s Boulder Climbing Series. eGrips was one of the first and biggest sponsors of the now legendary Professional Climber’s Association (PCA) competitions, and the American Bouldering Series (ABS). Our partnership with the ABS has grown into a larger long-term sponsorship of all USA Climbing series.

The original Bubble Wrap feature and Bubble Wrap Pinches when Chris Danielson first opened them in a well-remembered competition called “Sendfest” in Salt Lake City in 2005. Jamie Emerson used the Jibber Jabber Jugs at the last ABS Nationals held at The Spot Gym in 2009, and just about every famous climber in North America has showed off on the famous eGrips “Dream Pocket,” part of the Joe’s Classic Jugs set. The Main Dish has become one of the most iconic features ever produced, a favorite among routesetters throughout the world, and odds are if you’ve competed in any competition, big or small, you’ve navigated the Main Dish. Ty Foose’s brilliant Loafzilla made its debut at USAC’s Bouldering Nationals and the Tokyo IFSC Boulder World Cup in 2017. Each year we unveil new shapes at events of all shapes and sizes, so look out for our best new holds at comps all around the globe year-round!

Want us to sponsor your comp? 

We love competitions. They are at the heart of what we do and we often find ourselves streaming World Cups and Nationals here in our offices. To that end, we are major sponsors of USA Climbing and provide a lot of our marketing resources toward ensuring the long-term success of competitive climbing in the USA.

While we wish could support every request, we must evaluate opportunities on a case-by-case basis. We generally prioritize sponsorship opportunities from climbing wall accounts that either support eGrips through regular purchases, or that provide unique marketing opportunities for the eGrips brand. 

If you are interested in Trango Holds sponsorship, please click here and complete the inquiry form. Be sure to include as much information as possible!