Monostyle Setting: Benefits and Strategies



 About Monostyle Setting

The whole concept around Monostyle routesetting isn’t to limit yourself within a style of climbing or hold type, but to meld aesthetics and movement into a functional and engaging end product. By utilizing a complete set of holds, especially those that contain several different grip types within the family, a competent routesetter can create an endless amount of movement styles while maintaining a cohesive visual appeal.


While routesetters should never be confined to one company, set, or style, being strategic in your hold choices while you're still in the setting closet can go a long way once you're out on the mats. Many a boulder (or route) has been set with a haphazard selection of grips. While that is all fine and well, more often than not these routes fall short when it comes to appearance on the wall. Setting climbs that stand out and inspire climbers should be given as much consideration as the movement on it’s own.


Behind the Wall:

You know your setting assignment and it’s time to pick holds. Start by selecting a hold set style and getting as many of the holds from that set as possible. Now what are you missing? Macro holds? Crimps? Slopers? Fill out your grip types either with more from this style (think Bubble Wrap - there is almost every grip type represented in this line) or something that will visually match what you already have picked out. Now it’s time to think about feet. Does this family have feet in it? Grab those. If not, what is something you do have that will compliment your hand holds? The Pure Modern Discs are my simple, clean, go to feet.


Setting and forerunning:

One of the unsung benefits of a hold line such as the Bubble Wrap is that due to the uniform consistency, there is a level of indecision that can be achieved within the use. Having to search for the right grab when there are seemingly several potential options creates an element of complexity to even the simplest of moves. Now multiply this experience over the course of a climb and your simple looking boulder is the most complex in the set. Think about the modern setting we see on the internet and social media; oftentimes it’s a combination of very large and very small holds from a like set, and painfully simple visually. Yet, they’re often incredibly complex in one or more ways; body positioning, hold use, etc.


At the root of commercial gym setting, we are creating the main product for the customers. Not only do we want the climbs to function well and ideally teach a climbing lesson and experience, but we also want them to look good and for people to be inspired to go up there and climb on those cool holds!


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