On home walls around the world, climbers train for their next project, have fun with friends, and get stronger.  All of you weekend warriors, passionate home woody routesetters, and focused hard-core training nuts, Trango is here for you. Our holds are priced very competitively, even though we have long led the industry in quality, design, and durability. We have classic designs and training selections that are great for any home wall. 

Home Gym Quick Start Guide

Overwhelmed by the 2,000+ shapes in our line? We can help. Here are 3 easy ways to pick the best holds for your home wall:

1) Start Here: Trango Home Gym Kit

Over the years, we have partnered with home gym owners to get feedback on the best home gym sets in our line. We've curated these 13 sets into our Home Gym Starter Kit for the quickest and simplest solution.

eGrips Home Gym Kit - Climbing Holds

Like the kit, but want different holds? We've also created select style kits like the Bubble Wrap Starter Kit, Myorcan Starter Kit, and Drop Art Starter Kit.

2) Shop Simple: Home Gym Filter

As a home gym owner, you want holds that are economical, don't take up too much surface area, and maybe even some screw-ons for maximum flexibility. With this in mind, we've added a home gym filter to let you find the best sets for your wall. 

3) Filter Your Own

Have a specific set in mind? Use our filters to find it. You can shop by size, grip type, style, and other options.

Bonus - 

Want your holds now? Use our in stock filter to shop only the holds that are currently in inventory.