Stealth- The Story Behind the Shapes

Think ‘2-tex’ meets ‘talons’ meets ‘kaiju’ meets some other genre of climbing hold that is SO COOL there isn’t even a name for it yet.  Or maybe its name is STEALTH.

Within the Stealth line you will find geometric volume-like outlines contrasted with lovely gentle curves of perfect radius edges and then…. Magic!  Shape-bending magic!

These beauties were designed for competition setting.  And to make fancy volumegami patterns.  If you’re setting for a competition, get these now before the gym down the street does.  You know they’re perfect.  Plus the steeply-angled 2-tex makes it easy to force movement.  And to see what color the holds are after they’re caked in chalk.  Which they will be, because they’ll be on everyone’s favorite problems, probably touching and being used to block each other, because that’s what they’re designed for. You’re a cool kid, right?  This is for you.  You’re welcome.   Comes in a full range of crimps, edges, slopers, jugs, and features from tiny size 2 all the way up to giant size 7.  We’re looking out for you, setters!

Stealth Design Features:

  • full range of crimps, edges, slopers, jugs, and features from size 2 to size 7 (has anyone ever made a complete size range of 2-tex shapes before?)
  • steeply-angled 2-tex makes it easy to force movement
  • 2-tex ensures color visibility even when covered in chalk and shoe rubber
  • consistent profiles often make it difficult to tell from below if a hold is a big jug or terrible sloper
  • geometric and symmetric outlines inspire volumegami patterns
  • shapes easily block each other for maximum versatility
  • distinctive 2-tex pattern is simple but still easily differentiated from other plain dualtex styles
  • perfect medium-grit texture and flawlessly comfortable radii on all shapes
  • flush bolt holes never come into play as a thumb grab or foothold